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Since hydraulic cylinders are mainly made of steel, Mailhot Industries has been working for a decade now to optimize this primary material. The active participation of the Research & Development team for a greener future has allowed us to design a product that can be easily dismantled and identify reusable components, which allows a second life to our products.

Raw material

Steel can be recycled ad infinitum, so it is possible to reuse 90% of the components of our products in a reconditioned cylinder.


  • Mailhot's G-Series telescopic products are high pressure mono-piece cylinders intended for various applications and industries.
  • Their simplified design uses 50% less componentsmaking the cylinder lighter. 50% fewer components means less potential waste. This exclusive design also allows for less oil usage.
  • The use of nitriding, a process for which the company is renowned and an alternative treatment to chrome coating, in no way affects the recyclability of the steel.
1 Compared to the other Mailhot Series and to the competition's cylinders

Ecological thinking

Mailhot cylinders are 1.5 to 2 times more durable than those of the competition. This also means less downtime.

Life-cycle management

Easy to assemble and disassemble, to dismantle and rebuild, our cylinders are designed to give a second life to 90% of the product and to recycle 99% of it in weight.


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