At Mailhot Industries, we distinguish ourselves by constantly finding ways to innovate our manufacturing technologies. Our engineering team comprised of engineers, technicians and draftsmen are dedicated to developing value added, innovative solutions for our customers.

Continual investments in Research and Development allows us to offer our customers technologically advanced products.  We perform in-house bench tests to insure optimal performance and to provide data to measure improvements.

In an effort to constantly innovate our products, we created a specialty laboratory dedicated to tribology (tribology is a segment of mechanical engineering focused on the study of surface friction and lubrication).  We specializes in thin coat application on metal surfaces.  This laboratory is unique in North America and serves a very specialized industrial customer base.

Solutions development

At Mailhot Industries we believe in creating partnerships with our customers to better understand their individual specific needs.  By doing so, we are able to target potential or existing problems and then apply an innovative solution that adds value.
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Shaver technology

We offer a shaver that was developed through our R&D department that is a patented metal wiper. This shaver technology offers unmatched performance in certain applications.
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We protect most of our products with salt bath nitriding using the latest technology, a patented process called ARCOR.  Nitriding is a surface treatment, not a coating, which means there are no dimensional changes to the treated part compared to chrome coating.
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