Solutions development

At Mailhot Industries we believe in creating partnerships with our customers to better understand their individual specific needs. By doing so, we are able to target potential or existing problems and then apply an innovative solution that adds value.

We have been very successful understanding the various challenges our customers face by going into the field and utilizing data gathering devices on pieces of equipment, this provides recorded information on the application in real time. This data gathering system measures parameters such as:

  • Hydraulic system pressure
  • System temperature
  • Various load conditions, such as side-load to the cylinder
  • Cycle counts of cylinders (extension-retraction)

We are able to remotely connect directly to the vehicle’s computer system to access parameters such as running time, RPM range, temperature and fuel consumption of the engine.  The data gathering device also tracks the vehicle’s movements and speed using GPS.  The collected data helps us to analyze the root cause of problems so that we can apply the appropriate solution to improve durability and overall performance of the product.

ISAAC InRealTIme, ISAAC Instruments


At Mailhot Industries, we distinguish ourselves by constantly finding ways to innovate our manufacturing technologies. Our engineering team comprised of engineers, technicians and draftsmen are dedicated to developing value added, innovative solutions for our customers.
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Shaver technology

We offer a shaver that was developed through our R&D department that is a patented metal wiper. This shaver technology offers unmatched performance in certain applications.
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We protect most of our products with salt bath nitriding using the latest technology, a patented process called ARCOR.  Nitriding is a surface treatment, not a coating, which means there are no dimensional changes to the treated part compared to chrome coating.
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