G3 Series

The G3 Series is a trunnion mounted telescopic cylinder with cover designed with greater efficiency in mind, with a high capacity to speed ratio. The tube diameters used in these cylinders were chosen to optimize cycle speed without impacting load capacity, while reducing oil consumption. The G3 Series can be operated at pressures up to 2750 psi.


Improved performance:

  • Increased lifting capacity
  • Faster lifting cycles
  • Lighter overall weight
  • Uses less oil

Improved durability:

Typical application:

Dump trucks and trailers

It was 60 years ago that Mailhot Industries started manufacturing cylinders for this application. At Mailhot Industries, we distinguish ourselves by constantly finding ways to innovate our manufacturing technologies.
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Vacuum trucks and trailers

Mailhot Industries manufactures single or double acting telescopic cylinders dedicated for this application. Various design configurations are offered for a wide tank sizes ranging.
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The Mailhot warranty

Mailhot products are made to be dependable and to last. Our goal is to provide our customers with superior quality products and the best warranty in the industry.
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