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Mailhot's shaver technology : a key factor for cylinders in the refuse industry

PublishedJanuary 22, 2020

The refuse industry contains some of the toughest applications for hydraulic cylinders. Cylinders must work in environments where contamination, high temperature and high cycling really put a lot of pressure on the hydraulic system.

To protect the whole system, Mailhot Industries has developed and patented an innovative solution, where the cylinder gland is equipped with a metallic scraper able to remove debris adhered on the rod. It is so effective that it is not simply regarded as a regular scraper, but as a highly efficient shaver. 

Mailhot’s shaver technology acts as a barrier to contaminants and protects the truck’s whole hydraulic system. This means less problems for the end-user, and less downtime for the fleet manager.

Since the introduction of shaver equipped cylinders to the market, on-field performance speaks for itself: thousands of units sold, year after year, on different platforms, with unrivaled performance...

Hardness and wear resistance are the main properties of Mailhot’s shaver technology. Made of high-quality tool steel material, no other product on the market is capable of handling nicks and dents resulting from objects falling onto cylinders rods.

As any dominant product on the market, competitors have tried to copy Mailhot’s innovative solution. But the shaver being patented, competition had to use lower quality material as to not infringe the patent, leading to inferior performances in the long run.

Mailhot’s shaver technology, a key factor improving performance and reliability of hydraulic cylinders in the refuse industry.