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Hydraulic cylinders that improve the winters of all quebecers

PublishedDecember 16, 2020

Did you know that... 100% of québec’s ministère des transports snow removal trucks are equipped with nitrided telescopic cylinders?

But what do nitrided cylinders eat in winter?  Nitriding steel is a treatment that allows increased resistance to wear and tear from friction or corrosion.

How are nitrided cylinders affected by our Quebec winters?

It’s quite simple, with the need for spreading salt on the road and the humidity of the snow, we have an ideal cocktail for rapid corrosion of steel. This could lead to rapid wear and tear on the cylinders, and therefore on the snow removal trucks, which could break down quite regularly. And when a truck breaks down, the roads are not cleared of snow for days on end. Can you see the picture? 

With nitrided cylinders, Mailhot easily solves this problem. Their durability and resistance are so well suited for our harsh winters that the Ministry of Transport and many municipalities now insist on using them for their snow removal fleets. Resistance means less breakage, which means less downtime for repairs, more time on the road and all that snow is cleared more quickly!

Trust Mailhot for your snow removal trucks, contact us now!