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The impact of the creation of a new line of standard products

PublishedDecember 9, 2020

“Change is our lifeblood, stagnation is our death knell”. - Ogilvy. Mailhot has always prioritized innovation and invested in a dedicated team of engineers in research and development.

We have deployed 50% of our engineering team to create a line of standard products, (the “G” platform) available to all types of clients, and adaptable to the dump truck and tipper trailer industry. We completely rethought the manufacturing methods, creating a major change in the industry, a real innovation.

The starting spark

After studying the market, our engineers came up with a promising idea. It required a major investment, which finally paid off. Half of our engineering team was 100% involved for one year to come up with the best solution in line with their values of excellence and quality.

Therefore, following strong commitment from the whole production team, we acquired a more automated production line, designed to further automate our production process, and allow us to offer an innovative product of very high quality.


In addition to greatly reducing water infiltration and breakage problems in cold weather, this line of exceptional products integrates non-screwed components that facilitate replacements, maintenance, cleaning and repairs. Disassembly and assembly in case of breakage is 25 to 30% faster, with simpler tools, making our products more accessible.

By standardizing the manufacturing process, we also ensure a constant quality of our product.

Always seeking to improve our products and services, Mailhot is looking to the future and wants to be part of yours. Contact us for more information!