We protect most of our products with salt bath nitriding using the latest technology, a patented process called ARCOR (which is short for ARRET-CORROSION in French or CORROSION STOP).  Nitriding is a surface treatment, not a coating, which means there are no dimensional changes to the treated part compared to chrome coating.

Technical definition:

Nitriding is a surface-hardening treatment.  The steel part is dipped in a salt bath solution at a very high temperature.  This process allows the salt to release nitrogen and to a lesser degree carbon, which then penetrates the steel’s surface to harden it.

Over the years we have gained a lot of experience and expertise with the salt bath nitriding process, for more information, please visit


ARCOR nitriding advantages:

  • Improved fatigue, wear and corrosion resistance
  • Superior surface hardness, preventing scratches
  • Low coefficient of friction (extended service life of components)
  • Cylinder can remain partially extended without risk of corrosion
  • Allows us to offer the industry’s best warranty


At Mailhot Industries, we distinguish ourselves by constantly finding ways to innovate our manufacturing technologies. Our engineering team comprised of engineers, technicians and draftsmen are dedicated to developing value added, innovative solutions for our customers.
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Shaver technology

We offer a shaver that was developed through our R&D department that is a patented metal wiper. This shaver technology offers unmatched performance in certain applications.
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Snow removal equipment

Mailhot Industries has developed a line of cylinders specifically made for snow removal equipment. Since severe corrosion and wear protection is required on these products, each cylinder undergoes a special configuration called NCERA. This configuration applies to both single stage or telescopic cylinders.
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