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Snow removal equipment


The salt and melting materials used by snow removal equipment require components highly resistant to corrosion. The G4 series developed by Mailhot is exclusively intended for snow removal trucks and ensures unequalled performance and durability in the industry.

Mailhot's cylinders features

  • Single and double acting telescopic cylinders
  • Custom single stage cylinders
  • Nitrided in ARCORMH salt bath and the  NCERA treatment (G4 Series)
  • Available with various attachment options (for Customize solutions)

Best warranty in the industry

At Mailhot, we believe in the reliability and durability of our products and we really care about the satisfaction of our customers. That is why we offer a 2-year warranty on the G4 Series cylinders.

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Innovation designed for this application

Sealing solution

Shaver gland

A patented solution for better performance

The shaver technology developed by Mailhot keeps all contamination away from the hydraulic system. 

Cylinders exposed to extreme environments such as garbage truck compactors are exposed to a lot of contamination, if this contamination is able to enter the hydraulic system severe damage can occur.

Once the hydraulic system is contaminated, all of the associated components can then be severely damaged. Our shaver acts as a barrier to any foreign object entering the cylinder, which then protects the entire hydraulic system.

The benefits

  • Patented technology
  • Prevents ingestion of solid particles
  • Prevents hydraulic fluid contamination
  • Reduces notches caused by impacts
  • Extends the life of gaskets and seals