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At Mailhot, innovation holds a capital place. In collaboration with our customers, our cylinders are designed, manufactured and tested to perfectly meet the needs of the industry and to offer optimal performance and durability, even when used in difficult application conditions.

Innovation as a vector for success

This constant desire to innovate has truly shaped the history of the company and today makes its reputation all over the world. 

To reach this level, Mailhot has set up an innovation center voluntarily based outside the walls of its factory, to ensure the exclusivity of the task given to the team and the independence of the projects in development.  

A team of engineers, technicians and designers is entirely dedicated to the development of value-added innovations for customers. Continuous investment in research and development allows the company to offer state-of-the-art, durable and high-performance products.

Mailhot's innovations

Surface treatment


An exclusive salt bath process

Mailhot treats all of its components and products by nitriding in a salt bath, an exclusive technology known as: ARCORMH.

Technical details

During nitriding, the steel parts are soaked in a very high temperature salt bath. At these temperatures, the salts decompose and release nitrogen which penetrates the surface of the steel and causes surface hardening. Nitriding is therefore a surface treatment since there is diffusion in the steel, unlike hard chrome plating which is a coating added to the surface.

The benefits

  • Improved fatigue, wear and corrosion resistance
  • Superior surface hardness, preventing scratches and other mechanical damages
  • Low coefficient of friction - Extended component life
  • Partial extension of the cylinder, without any risk of corrosion
  • Ready for environmentally friendly oils
  • Allows us to offer the industry’s best warranty
Innovation | Surface treatment


CX-1 Technology is changing the way hydraulic cylinders perform in harsh environments such as mining or waste trucks. 

To learn more, visit the microsite dedicated to this exclusive Mailhot innovation.


Sealing solution

Shaver gland

A patented solution for better performance

The shaver technology developed by Mailhot keeps all contamination away from the hydraulic system. 

Cylinders exposed to extreme environments such as garbage truck compactors are exposed to a lot of contamination, if this contamination is able to enter the hydraulic system severe damage can occur.

Once the hydraulic system is contaminated, all of the associated components can then be severely damaged. Our shaver acts as a barrier to any foreign object entering the cylinder, which then protects the entire hydraulic system.

The benefits

  • Patented technology
  • Prevents ingestion of solid particles
  • Prevents hydraulic fluid contamination
  • Reduces notches caused by impacts
  • Extends the life of gaskets and seals