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North American leader in hydraulic cylinders manufacturing since 1956, Mailhot Industries is known for the reliability of its products in sectors of activity where the work environment is difficult and even extreme.

Recognized for the excellence of its products, its innovations and its impeccable after-sales service, Mailhot relies on the expertise of 500 employees to meet the specific needs and requirements of their customers. Over the last few years, Mailhot's impressive growth has been supported, among other things, by the development of unique and innovative processes that provide increased resistance to cylinders. Now offered on all Mailhot Series, nitriding ensures a performance and a durability unequalled in the industry.

Acquired in 2019 by Mailhot Industries, JARP Industries has been a world leader since 1959 in the manufacture of custom hydraulic cylinder solutions and the refurbishment of all cylinders to exceed OEM specifications. The company designs, engineers and manufactures high-quality custom hydraulic cylinder solutions for demanding applications.

Our motivations and what defines us

Mission Vision Values
To design and manufacture state-of-the-art hydraulic cylinders that perfectly meet the needs of its customers through innovative and customized solutions, all in a healthy, pleasant and safe work environment.
To be known around the world for the quality and excellence of our products through unique processes, modern workshops and engaged teams.
We know that our actions and products reflect our values in every way, which is why integrity, transparency, listening and innovation are the core of our approach.

excellence and innovation above all

Mailhot's history

A humble success story

In 1956, Gilles Mailhot founded the company in Saint-Jacques, Quebec, where it is still located today. At the beginning, Mailhot employed about thirty workers to produce hydraulic cylinders, but also snow removal machines and elevator systems.

Specialization in hydraulic cylinders

In 1973, the Saint-Jacques plant was built to specialize in the manufacturing of hydraulic cylinders and telescopic cylinders. In 1982, Mr. Morin bought the company while it was in a state of disarray. A few years later, in 1989, Mailhot introduces the nitriding process for its products, an innovation that will forever mark its history, its growth and its reputation of excellence.

Between 1989 and 1996, Mailhot grows rapidly and develops new markets. The company opens branches in Guelph, Ontario, Edmonton, Alberta, Hudson, United States and Mexico.

In 2002, Technique Surface Innovation (TSI) was created, a division that offers a commercial nitriding service in a salt bath for various industrial parts.

Growth through innovation

Between 2005 and 2007, Mailhot increases its production capacity with the establishment of two other plants in Quebec. To meet its development needs and remain at the forefront, Technique Surface Laboratoire (TSLab) is created in 2007. In 2009, the company inaugurated a new 100,000 sq. ft. plant in Mexico.

Because innovation and the search for excellence are responsible for Mailhot's growth and reputation, the company counts today on a team dedicated to research and development in order to optimize the design and engineering of its products, according to the needs of its loyal clientele.

Strong customer relationships

An innovative partnership approach

Even though the series of cylinders developed by Mailhot meet the major application trends on the market, some exceptional quality and value-added solutions are also custom made to specifically answer the needs of an industry.

The Mailhot team not only makes sure to manufacture cylinders adapted to the different applications, it also makes it its mission to anticipate the needs of its customers with innovative solutions.

To do so, Mailhot opts for a partnership approach. In collaboration with the client, the company identifies the problem and the need in order to develop customized, advantageous and efficient solutions.

Mailhot's innovations are the result of win-win partnerships and our products exceed our clients' expectations.

Factory of the Future

A structuring process for the years ahead

Industrial plant and manufacturing process modernization

In 2021, Mailhot Industries, in collaboration with Investissement Quebec and its Productivité innovation initiative aimed at boosting the competitiveness and accelerating the growth of local businesses through productivity and innovation, has initiated a major digital transformation to the 4.0. The ultimate goal is to ensure the plant's sustainability through innovation. This approach will also allow an increase in production, thus creating new jobs, as well as attractiveness and international influence.

Product innovation is essential, but innovation in operations and manufacturing processes is fundamental to remain competitive, to surpass our customers' requirements and to position ourselves as a leader in new applications.

Charles Massicotte, CEO

Mobilization of resources

At Mailhot Industries, the staff turnover is very low. What gives the company an expertise and experience that very few companies have. These people who care about their work are the best ones to share their intuitions regarding the improvements to come. Ensuring that everyone understands the vision and is moving in the same direction is essential.

Planning, communication, prioritization of large projects but also small quick wins that promote team commitment and motivation are key elements for the success of a manufacturing transformation.

Ultimately, this 4.0 initiative will benefit the entire company, both the employees and our customers. That's why it is so important that each department be involved in the process. In order for everyone to embrace the change, they must be part of the solution, they must see the evolution and together we must grow.

Annie Brunelle, Quality Director

The ideas and projects are plentiful. Several are underway, including inventory management, standardization of machining processes and the implementation of automation, with more to come. 

To learn more about the company's transformation to the 4.0, watch the webseries (in French only)

Stand for excellence

The products

Incomparable and often recognized as the "black cylinders", due to nitriding1, Mailhot products have the reputation of being 1.5 to 2 times more durable than the competition because of their increased resistance to corrosion and wear. Reliable and performing under all conditions, they have the best warranty in the industry. 

1 Process exclusive to Mailhot Industries that increases the mechanical properties of surfaces.

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The Innovations 

Exclusive since they are patented, Mailhot's innovations are largely responsible for the company's influence throughout the world. Often imitated, never equaled, Mailhot Industries is the only company to develop, apply and master their innovations in the same organization. A complete department (engineers, technologists, draftsmen, etc.) entirely devoted to innovation works day after day to develop the best solutions that meet the specific needs of its clientele.

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Taking care of the environment is a priority

Driven by its constant desire to innovate and its concern for a greener future, Mailhot Industries has been working for a decade to maximize the raw material of its products, steel.

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Preferred activity sectors

Mailhot Industries and its products excel in the sectors of activities where the use conditions can be difficult and even extreme: 

  • Waste collection trucks
  • Snow removal equipment
  • Natural resources exploitation equipment

In addition, the company has decades of experience and knowledge of their customers' needs in the following applications

  • Dump trucks
  • Dump trailers
  • Roll-off trucks and trailers
  • Vacuum trucks and trailers

Certifications, membership and documentation


ISO 9001:2015